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Cochrane Prospective Meta-Analysis Methods Group


The Prospective Meta-Analysis (PMA) Methods Group


Keywords: Meta-analysis, prospective meta-analysis, individual patient data, pooling, data pooling, collaborative overview


For further information please see Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions, Chapter 19.

The group is open to anyone who is conducting, has conducted, or is interested in conducting a prospective meta-analysis (PMA), regardless of the area of health care investigated. To join, please complete a Prospective Meta-Analysis Methods Group membership form.

The group aims to:

  1. Provide a mechanism to enable the registration of prospective meta-analyses: a. Cochrane (via Collaborative Review Groups); b. Non-Cochrane (via PMA Methods Group).
  2. Provide a mechanism for evaluating protocols submitted for registration to ensure they are indeed PMA. This may be achieved by: a. Providing training for members of Collaborative Review Groups (e.g. editors and peer-reviewers); b. Members of the PMA Methods Group peer reviewing protocols.
  3. Develop appropriate methodological standards for PMA and undertake methodological research relating to PMA.
  4. Facilitate a forum for discussing aspects of PMA methods.
  5. Provide advice and support to those embarking on (or contemplating) a PMA.
  6. Provide advice and support to the editorial bases of Cochrane Collaborative Review Groups who have been approached by authors interested in conducting a PMA.


General information

Cochrane Methods Groups have been established to develop methodology and advise The Cochrane Collaboration on how the validity and precision of systematic reviews can be improved. Methods Groups base their activities around six core functions; these are discussed in greater detail in the 'Activities' section.


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